From the twisted hive-mind of the artist/writer/editor team that brought you BEAUTIFUL CANVAS, DEER EDITOR, and CHUM, comes your new favourite webcomic for 2018:


Curriculum is a field trip of galactic proportions through the filter of pulp sci-fi. And it comes armed with a writers room putting this first season together – Dan Hill and Ryan K Lindsay are joined by Danny Djeljosevic, Grant McLaughlin, and Ben Rosenthal on scripting duties for this comic where Sami Kivela leads the tale, builds the world, all with Marissa Louise colours, and then they hand off to another art team for the next issue, who chains it along to the next.

“Experience teaches only the teachable.”

Curriculum exists in a pulp-sci setting, sitting at a point in the universe where Godland, Runaways, and E.C.’s Weird Science collide as we follow a teacher and a group of his students who are transported across the galaxy during a field trip.  Each issue focuses on a member of the cast as they struggle to find their way home. On the way, they’ll find dead civilisations, psychic horrors, cults, vengeful gods, and good old fashioned monsters. It’s here, at the fringes of the galaxy, that they’ll begin to unravel their own personal mysteries, coming of age in a universe that seems to want them dead.

Curriculum is ultimately about learning. As the ‘season’ progresses, each of the characters begin to learn the personal truths they’ve clung to all their lives are transient at best.

If you have a regulation time machine, then set the dials to September/03/2018 when we launch this comic with Page One. From there it’ll update on a Monday/Tuesday/Thursday cycle.

This has been a long gestating passion project, and we really hope you enjoy it.