CURRICULUM is a sci fi pulp periodical about an intergalactic class that faces a universe’s worth of danger.

It was created by:

SAMI KIVELA – ink mastermind

DAN HILL – actual master of minds


RYAN K LINDSAY – never mind.

The comic started as something we thought might be fun – what if a writers’ room handled a comic, and then a new artist tackled each issue?

Fun was a stupid label, and incorrectly used.

But here we are.

This book, and every page, has been a labour of love.

We look forward to bringing you 3 pages a week, Monday/Tuesday/Thursday, and we hope you’ll stick around a while, we’ve got some fun stuff up our sleeves.


Issue #1

Script – Ryan K Lindsay

Art – Sami Kivela

Colours – Marissa Louise

Letters 0 IronBark

Issue #2

Script – Danny Djeljosevic

Art – Gwenaelle Johnson

Colours – Mark Dale

Letters – Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Issue #3

Script – Ryan K Lindsay

Art – Josh George

Colours – Chris O’Halloran

Letters – Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou